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Freya Melamin & Homeware, founded by the grandchildren of Hasan Uzun, who instituted one of the first melamine production plants in Turkey in 1975 and contributed to the enterprise and service of many leading companies in the market today, produces melamine home and kitchenware. Freya started producing in 2014, provides long-lasting and aesthetic kitchen and household goods with its fresh management team, efficient and future-oriented with its up-to-date R&D studies and expert staff with its three-generation sectoral experience.

Our journey started with 8 product types in 2014, will approach 350 by the end of 2022; It validates that we react at the same level to the interest shown by our business partners operating in the tableware and sub-sectors. It is a point of honor for all our stakeholders, who trust us to reach a wide collection in such a short time, from our SME partners with a single store number to our business partners with a +9,000 store chain.

As Freya, we have exported to more than 40 countries and more than 4 continents in a short span of 7 years. We aimed to develop robust and long-term relationships not only inside the borders but also beyond the borders with an administration that comprehend the zeitgeist and internalize being a world citizen. Today, when we come collectively again with each of our stakeholders who favor our Freya melamine kitchen and household products at many points from Europe to the Middle East, from North America to Central Asia, we are one step closer to our goal.

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