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Our company was established in 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey. DEPA Kitchenware is the leading manufacturer of acrylic kitchenware items in Turkey with a wide assortment, such as thermoses, storage boxes, serving ware items, cups, bowls, carafes, bread baskets, table tops, bath ware items, etc. We create not only the clearest and sturdiest acrylic items but also the safest ones. Beyond acrylic kitchenware production, we started to produce non-stick-coated aluminium cookware products in 2016. With its quality control system from the production to the selling phase, our company minimizes the faults that may occur in the manufacturing process. As a positive consequence of these policies, DEPA Kitchenware has been endorsed by the worldwide known ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 documents. Additionally, in line with legal regulations, the company’s production phase is also closely followed by Turkish officials.

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