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Mehtap Mutfak

The Mehtap Cookware Company has been in the sector since the 1960s, and the company is now operating facilities equipped with the latest technologies in a 20,000 square metre closed area in Istanbul, Turkey. Mehtap, which has been especially focused on producing Teflon by DuPont products from 1996 onwards, has become one of the world’s leading facilities from the technologies, machines and equipment it acquired from 2005 onwards. Mehtap is the first licensed user of DuPont® Teflon in Turkey and the industry leader in the sector of non-stick-aluminium cookware products. Mehtap exports its products to all continents and carries out a large amount of sales in Europe, North Africa, America and Asia. Mehtap is also an important member of Selçuklu Holding, which includes an aluminium company, a printing company, a pharmaceutical company and a construction company. These sister companies are reputable companies in their own sectors as well.

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