Everest İtriyat Tem. Madd. Paz. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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Everest İtriyat

Everest itriyat is a marketing company of Asude Plastic. Asude Plastic and Everest İtriyat are dependent companies. Asude Plastic is a supplier of plastic housewares and cleaning products solutions, known and preferred with its quality. Continuously improving its service and quality standards after its establishment in 2002, Growing of Asude have been authenticated by the companies of the sector. Asude is committed to providing exceptional service and highest quality products tailored to the unique needs of each customer through collaboration and innovation driven by the art of science. Asude continues to target tomorrow's excellence by strengthening synergy and dynamism generated by the unity of its customers, suppliers with professional human resources and its innovative management approach. Exporting its products to different corners in the world, especially to Middle East, Africa and All European countries, Asude Plastik takes the necessary steps to promote its products in various countries and present its quality to the world citizens.

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