Gondol Plastik Sanayi Ve Dış Ticaret A.ş. 

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Gondol Plastik

Throughout the ages, Anatolia has inspired innovations that have changed the world and that history continues to inspire the philosophy of Gondol Plastic, Turkey’s leading manufacturer of household plastic goods Innovative, creative and disciplined, Gondol Plastic operates in many countries in the world, especially Turkey. In 1978, a journey that began in a small workshop in Istanbul, thrown branding steps beginning in the 2000s. Today is a covered area of 10.000 square metres and an open space of 4000 square metres, including the ongoing production with a total of 14.000 m² area, more than 220 employees, more than 80 countries on 5 continents; is accompanied by a success story of exports with the stamp of ‘made in Turkey’. 

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