Bambum Bamboo / Karınca Ev Gereçleri

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"Bambum" is a bamboo Company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our headquarters, factory and warehouse are in İstanbul. We design and produce bamboo kitchen equipments. With 2000 + products, we have the widest product range in the World.

For that variety we’re working with 80 different factories all around China,Inonesia and Vietnam. Bamboo factories in China have different production systems than each other and they are professionalized in different products. So we gave to study on new designs and work with lots of factories to keep our product range this wide.

Core Advantages

You can find about 2.000 + bamboo products under the umbrella of one brand. You don’t have to chase different factories for the products you need. Our minimum order quantities are not based on containers. You can order according to your requirements. Packages, boxes or containers, all up to your wishes

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